Chhatwal Tours is a government registered travel consultancy. It is approved by IATA in addition to its approval by various official travel and tourism bodies of various countries. We have a relevancy of last 20 years in the travel business with various clients as repeated ones. We facilitate tours in various domains ranging from holiday to group tours.

We entail a forte for international group tours. Said forte lies due to our professional team with years of experience and knack of resolving the riddles that accompany the finalization of international group tours. In past we have conducted group tours of strength up to 500 at various international destinations followed by accolades form international forums. Our clients for group tours are educational, corporate, trusts, families and religious bodies.

We are a growing travel consultancy to create a niche at global platform. We are also conjoined with the zeal of various investors aligning themselves in our burgeoning growth



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